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Your Radio Personality & Producer Ms.LTR (LaTRicia) is “KEEPING IT ORGANIC”! We’re bringing you REAL MUSIC, AUTHENTIC /RAW Talented, Musicians, Other Celebrities of SUBSTANCE and GREAT Interviews.  In addition, to her many talents such as  The Fitness Guru, The Screenwriter and The Actress, Ms.LTR is taking Internet Radio by storm with her magnetic personality and incredible energy as your radio host. With a Masters Degree in Education and Exercise Science, Ms.LTR has a strong background for Encouraging, Motivating and Entertaining a diverse population.Aside from being a well educated, business woman Ms. LTR has the natural ability to bring the best out of her guest, while making them feel comfortable and welcoming on her radio show. As a matter of fact many guest compare their experience on “LTR Celebrity Radio” as being Engaging, Exciting and Entertaining. Our Special Guest truly feel special when they’re live on the air with Ms. LTR. When you’re a guest on “LTR Celebrity Radio” it’s like catching up with a good old friend form the past! Our guest don’t realize they’re on a  radio show until it’s time to say goodnight. Join us  for your “BEST” interview.Your Radio Host and Producer Ms.LTR,

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Special Guest Comments

“After appearing on the LTR Radio Show, I thought to myself, she is one of the best host of a Radio Show in any capacity I’ve ever interviewed with or heard. She deserves every great adventure coming to her. I prayed that GOD truly continue to Bless you Sista, Again, thank you for having me on your show, your the best.”  Stacy Hall

*Actor & Comedian- Stacy Hall,

( Interviewed on: 10/6/2010

“Thanks LT for having us Alvin & Calvin Waters on your show which was one of the best interview ever. We would love to come back and be a guest on your anytime you want us back. Much Love” Calvin Waters

*Music & Television Producers-Alvin & Calvin Waters, Interviewed on: 10/14/2010

Dear LTR,Thank you so much for having me as a guest on the “LTR Celebrity Radio” show! You are such a natural when it comes to hosting, with an incredibly engaging personality. If only you could teach other hosts how to lead discussions, juggle callers and keep a generous spotlight on their guests as effectively as you do! I’ve appeared on numerous programs and yours left me wanting more!

First of all, you obviously took the time to familiarize yourself with me, my work and the way in which I engage with others. You promoted me before the show with a comprehensive write up and continued to promote me just as highly throughout the show. I can’t tell you how fantastic it felt to have a host not only be well versed with regard to the subject matter of the show, but also know exactly how my personal and professional background fit with the discussion so the conversation was exciting, connected and thought provoking. Every line was lit up for a reason —because you created an environment that everyone wanted to join in on and become a part of. LTR, you put your listeners and your guests first, which makes all the difference for those of us you interview as well as those who tune in. You didn’t just promote my book, you gave it life over the radio waves that made listeners want to grab a copy. In essence you established me as a valuable presence so all I had to do was be myself, follow your lead and work together with you to provide a great show!

The truth is, it takes a truly gifted host to direct the course of a show with power, without stifling the opinions and participation of others. You did so with the perfect mix of leadership, focus, humor and openness. It was a honor for me to be on your show and I just had to write to you and thank you for extending such a high level of professionalism and humility. National radio needs you LTR! —and I’m going to be right there ready to listen in as well as be one of your guests! Warmest wishes and appreciation!” Charly Emery

*Charly Emery TV Personality & Author of “Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass”  Purchase Charly’s book at (

Interviewed on: 10/19/2010

“Hello LtR, Just wanted to say how great I think you are. You truly are a special woman and a great host. I really appreciate you inviting me on your show. That was an exciting, fun, inspirational experience that I will never forget, I can’t thank you enough…I will keep in contact with you and let you know of any new development, Much luv,” Justin Current

*Fashion Model -Justin Current, Interviewed on: 11/02/2010

“You are the most amazing radio personality that I’ve interviewed with. You are fun, easy to talk to and bring an electricity to the show. It was a pleasure staying on the air with you. You are always interesting and you know how to make your guests comfortable. To me that is the most important element of a radio personality, and you have it!”  Flash Rodriguez

* CEO/President of Flash Records-Flash Rodriguez (
Interviewed on:

“LTR, You are simply the bomb! This was one of the best show’s I’ve ever done. That’s saying something because I’ve been doing this for a minute. You did your homework. You were on top of all the points. Usually I have to fill in where the hosting person has some of the facts or some of the information but is not fully versed on the entire reality. You were prepared. Impressive!!! Plus it was such a fun show to do. Mad Mad Mad respect for you and your skills. I look forward to our next encounter.”  Richard Lawson 

*Actor, Director, Writer, & Teacher-Richard Lawson,
, Interviewed on:11/09/2010

“Ms. LTR, All I can say is, what an amazing interview. Thank You so much for having me on as an guest to promote and introduce myself to the world. It was the most inspirational groundbreaking interview i’ve ever done. I Love the platform that you’re presenting for artist to stand on. You have a true fan with Romiah Armstrong. Anything I can do for you, just ask. Bless Queen and stay in-touch.Dream Big, Pray Hard” Romiah Armstrong

* Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist & R&B/Neo Soul Artist- Romiah Armstrong ( Debut Album “Upright Soul” will be available on 2/9/2011                        Interviewed on: 12/18/2010

“LTR, I had sooo much fun on your show! I love the fact that you did your research. You knew about me as an artist and even touched on who I am as a person. I felt appreciated and celebrated! Thanks sis! It was a phenomenal experience and I wish you only the BEST! Everyone please support this show you will not be disappointed! Thanks for opening up your world to new, fresh & independent artist! Peace & Love”   Eshe Montsho

*Singer, Dancer, Songwriter -Eshe of Arrested Development (,
Interviewed on:

“You Rock Ms. LTR!!! I had a great time on the show! Thank you for the Love n Support! I look forward to coming on again.” Lina

*R& B/ Jazz Singer & Songwriter- Lina (, Interviewed on: 12/9/2010

“We had a ball on your show Ms. LTR. You are a great host!”  Craig Crawford

*Jazz Saxophonist & Band Leader- Craig Crawford ,(, Interviewed on:12/14/2010

“Hey Ms. LTR! You have been by far the best talk radio show host I have ever experienced! You keep the show moving, you exude energy, and you definitely have a passion for what you’re doing! You do the damn thang!!!!”Luv, Ken Ford

Musician, Composer, Performer & Electric Violinist - Ken Ford Purchase Ken’s Album “Right Now“( ,Interviewed on :1/20/11

“ LTR , I COMPLETELY remember you and your energy and the wonder filled time that we had.We had such a great time! We opened a vortex you and I, You were prophesying that night!”  The Floacist

* Poet, Singer,Musician, Producer, Performer & Songwriter- The Floacist ,( Purchase The Album: “Floacist PRESENTS Floetic Soul”  Interviewed on: 1/13/2011

“LTR  Your Awesome”   Steven Russell

Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Former Lead Singer of the Platinum R&B group “TROOP”- Steven Russell,( Purchase The Album “So Random”
Interviewed on: 1/25/2011

“Girl, that was the best interview ever!! I had a lot of fun!! I will add the player to my site and tune in to the show. You gained a new fan:) I had such a great time on your show Ms. LTR!! You really have a way with making your guest feel right at home!”  Ci Ci Foster

Ci Ci Foster Actress, Film Producer & Author of the Hot New Novel “Sunny Rain” Purchase Ci Ci’s book at (
Interviewed on : 4/14/2011

“Ms. LTR, U are officially my new BFF!!! Go girl. U are the total bomb!!! Hilarious” Pebbles

Singer, Songwriter, Executive Producer and Essence R&B Super Star Host “Pebbles”   Check out the webisode of the Essence music auditions at ( and
Interviewed on: 4/21/2011