Welcome to LTR Celebrity Radio!

Radio Host and Producer, Ms. LTR is bringing you the most Entertaining, Fun & Inspiring Celebrity Interviews and Discussions on Internet Radio! “LTR Celebrity Radio” is taking radio Interviews and Broadcasting to a New Level! We’re bringing you REAL Artist, AUTHENTIC Talent and GREAT Shows! Stay Tuned in Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 10pm(EST).

Our Special Guest experience a wonderful time here on “LTR Celebrity Radio”. Your host Ms. LTR creates the most relaxing, humorous, energetic and fun atmosphere on internet radio! Our guest feel comfortable sharing their passions, dreams, current projects & personal thoughts with our listeners and your host LTR. Here on LTR Celebrity Radio, we treat our special guest like old friends, it’s an exciting platform to catch up, talk, sit back, relax and have GREAT discussions!

Ms. LTR naturally creates an engaging and entertaining radio show experience for both her guest & listeners. Our audience anticipates LTR’s interviews with Executive Producers, Singers, Models, Designers, Authors, TV Personalities, Record Label CEO’s, Movie Directors, Actors, Comedians, Song Writers, Poets, Actresses & etc. STAY TUNED IN! You will NOT be disappointed. Ms. LTR brings you “THE BEST” Celebrity interviews and discussions on internet radio, be a guest on our show and become a listener, so that you too can be a witness, to “GREATNESS“! Ms.LTR

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